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Online Office Leasing - The Way of the Future?

Office real estate space leasing may be the next industry to go entirely online, reports.

According to Mark Gilbreath, founder and CEO of LiquidSpace, a new app that provides a new-age solution to the office leasing space search, leasing will be done entirely online by 2020.

Gilbreath cites a new office community where workers are looking to get out of the office to get work accomplished to be driving the shift and LiquidSpace has the solution.

LiquidSpace offers a new approach to the office leasing industry mindset. The app allows office owners to market unused space to on-the-go office users. Think of it as an Uber-like app for commerical office space needs.

Only time will tell if this online approach will stick. In the meantime. contact Helix for your commercial leasing or sales needs.

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