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Millennial Investors Love Real Estate (Here's Why)

Millennial investors seem to understand that a well-balanced portfolio should consist of a variety of asset classes, not just traditional blue-chip equities and bonds. This is a generation that continues to be greatly impacted by the Great Recession in several ways. This is all according to David Manshoory, the CEO and founder of peer-to-peer real estate lending marketplace AssetAvenue.

In an interview posted on, Manshoory talks about millennial investors, technology, and what it all means for the industry. He discusses that millennial investors are looking for security when it comes to an investment because they had to see their parents stock portfolios drastically cut in the Great Recession.

The interview goes on to talk about how millennial investors will change real estate investing with the use of technology. This generation conducts most of its financial business online and expects cutting-edge tools to assist them. Also most of the education needed for investing can be found online, which means that millennial investors can teach themselves.

In the end, it is still important for millennial investors to determine their risk tolerance. This is based on their current and future financial goals and how they want to balance out their portfolio. It is also important the sufficient information if given about the investment before a decision is made whether to invest or not.

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