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Why More Companies are Coming to the Valley

Arizona has seen a recent influx in new businesses setting up shop in the Valley, boosting the real estate and job markets for 2014. But what makes Phoenix the opportune place for these new businesses?

At Valley Partnership’s June breakfast, a panel of leading Arizona businesspeople spoke about the appeal Phoenix holds for many growing organizations. The panel was moderated by Christine Mackay, Economic Development Director for the City of Chandler, and included Justin Meritt, Senior Investment Professional at Southwest Valley Partners; August Goldman, Chief People Office at Go Daddy; and John Lenio, Economist and Managing Director of CBRE.

Favorable economic conditions have helped Arizona attract new businesses, including the availability of office space and a growing workforce. The development of new real estate projects in areas such as Chandler, also attract a wide variety of talents. Bringing together different entities in these development projects enables new companies to find their perfect fit. In addition, with proximity to several prestigious institutions of higher education, Phoenix has access to an ideal recruiting pool.

With these attributes and more, Arizona is beginning to be known as a prime location for new and growing businesses, a trend that bodes well for the state’s economic future.

Are you looking to move your business to the Valley and are in need of office space? Contact Helix Asset Development for your office space needs at 602-648-2020.

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