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HELIX Asset Management services increase value and profitability of real estate properties. Our firm’s key team members dedicate themselves to developing and implementing business plans for each property and management contract. We believe in exceptional services for long-term solutions.



  • Improve lender relationships

  • Property Assessment based on market values

  • Space Programming

  • Strategic Facilities Planning

  • Up-to-date local real estate industry research

  • Month-to-month contracts



  • Dedicated leasing and sales agents

  • Investor reporting and check distribution

  • Certified receivership at lower rates

  • Financing for buildings or tenant construction

  • Coordination with owner’s accountant on taxes

  • Accounting services and financial analysis



  • Improved marketability of distressed properties

  • Property rehab and prep for sale

  • Commercial and residential management

  • Lease renegotiations and renewals

  • Risk management to protect properties from hazards

  • Management of new tenant move-in and coordination procedures


HELIX’s proven approach to bringing landlords and tenants together includes broker cooperation and referrals, direct email campaigns, door-to-door canvassing, cold calling, distinctive signage and internet exposure. Our team is dedicated to providing its customers and clients with leading technological resources and real-time data that enables you to maximize profitability on your real estate investments and operations.

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